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Where alongside the fourth Stronghold, held by the notorious Black Tusk end-game faction, The Battle For D.C. also unlocks World Tier 5 with gear score now in the 450-500 range. Plus, the first Gear Sets - True Patriot, Hardwired and Ongoing Directive. Also, this paves the way for the first ever The Division raid Operation Dark Hours - dropping April 25.

Which is described as "the toughest of all challenges" as 8 agents will need to work together to, err, save the day. Or, night. The Division 2 has a day/night cycle after all. Also, a new PVP map is coming and the fourth Specialisation - with the following trailer hinting at a mini-gun/chain-gun type special weapon. Very cool.

Here are all the details on today's update:
  • Players face a new challenge in encountering Tidal Basin, a new stronghold held by the Black Tusk Faction. Tidal Basin is now home to some of the most powerful enemies in the game, and they’re not going down easy.

  • After completing the Tidal Basin Stronghold, players will be able to advance to World Tier 5 and unlock the possibility to obtain gear scores 450-500.

  • “Invasion: Battle for D.C.” introduces a new Heroic difficulty setting making for some of the most challenging gameplay yet.

  • Upon reaching World Tier 5, weekly invasions will be introduced with the Black Tusk taking control over selected main missions and strongholds in the city. These activities are harder to complete but more rewarding in loot and gear.

  • Players can now enjoy two new exotic weapons Pestilence and Nemesis as well as three new gear sets: True Patriot, Hardwired and Ongoing Directive.

  • As part of the update, all players will also have access a new PVP map called Fort McNair

  • The Invasion Apparel Event, which will allow agents to collect outfits inspired by the enemy factions, as well as new masks and weapon skins.

  • Operation Dark Hours is the toughest of all challenges: an 8- player raid that will test the teamwork of the most experienced agents, coming April 25th.

  • With the bump in gear score many players have been waiting for this update and the arrival of World Tier 5 - including u. And with that plus the new exotic weapons and gear sets and weekly challenges, it's timeto head back into The Division 2's Washington D.C.

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