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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 07:39pm 04/04/19 | 0 Comments
Formerly known as Project White from developer, The Outsiders, the freshly renamed Darkborn puts players into the first-person body of the monster, for a change, though paints humans as the baddies anyway and gives you an immense amount of power and some serious world-building.

Which we're all very big on, at the moment. Creating fantastical worlds with unique situations that require agency to navigate is really the core value of gaming, so seeing so many great new franchises pop up is a big deal.

Darkborn is a stealthish sandbox adventure title that does just that, and pits you, "Little One", against marauding Vikings (and likely others) in a beautiful playscape grimly lit with blood, guts and gore. And yes, I realise "gore" is redundant here, but that's how I'm painting the video we're about to share.

Enemy animations and AI look a bit naff at the moment, but the core concept is very cool and with more polish, this could really turn into something special. Watch 16 minutes of gameplay embedded below.


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