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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:21pm 29/03/19 | 0 Comments
Here at AusGamers we've always used April Fool's Day as a chance to shelter those in need of respite from the rest of the dribble the Internet serves up on the day. And what with us being so globally connected now, but geographically so far apart, that days lasts way longer than it ought to. But Wargaming just gave us a heads up on a truly excellent April Fool's initiative.

And that initiative is them taking World of Warships off our own planet and out into space and on to other planets in a unique sci-fi update:
Starting April 1, aspiring space commanders will don their space suits and set a course for adventure at warp speed. Wargaming is inviting players to engage in intergalactic battles during a time limited event — The Space Warships Intergalactic Games. Set on planets in galaxies far away, ship commanders will experience exciting battles in environments that are truly out of this world!

As Intergalactic Games event will gradually unfold in the following weeks, it will l offer 12 unique ships decked out in their sci-fi best: the mighty All-destroyer, the sleek and regal Zaya, a brand-new ship to this year’s games - the Century Hawk, and more. Space battles will be held on futuristic alien maps that will fulfill any sci-fi fantasy. Diehard players will see a return to the world of Appulse, with three new maps added to the mix — the Ironium crystal Risus map, the hauntingly desolate Ludus map, and the ethereal Navis map — a planet formed by rings of hardened lava. And finally, players can take part in daily in-game events to snag some space camouflage.

Four space-themed battle modes will put your skills to the test:
  • Rings of Saturn, a re-work of Epicenter mode where capturing areas will no longer be blocked if the enemy pursues an inner area capture, and more points will be rewarded for holding the inner ring

  • Binary Star tests your quick thinking and strategy as you seize shrinking control points while simultaneously defending your territory

  • Space Assault pits attacking and defending teams against one another — each with their own advantages; and while attacking team with be able to respawn their ships, defending ships will be more resistant due to gradually recovering HP ability

  • Torpedo Beat puts destroyers at center stage: torpedoes become your primary weapon in this explosive 5 vs 5 player team battle; with enhanced maneuverability and accelerated torpedo tubes reloading it’s an ultimate survival test for destroyers’ specialists

Full release of Royal Navy aircraft carriers

Coming back to planet Earth, World of Warships’ update 0.8.2. will also feature a full release of Royal Navy aircraft carrier tech tree. Three ships that were previously available in early access (tier IV Hermes, tier VI Furious, tier VIII Implacable) have now been added to the British line, together with brand new tier X Audacious.

After United States and Japan, U.K. is the third nation with its own aircraft carrier tech tree in World of Warships.

Lastly, update 0.8.2 brings with it a host of new improvements. The Arsenal gets its new name — the Armory — and with it a choice of 50 premium ships now available for doubloons, together with the whole range of space camouflages and other in-game items.
At least some people know how to take April Fool's Day seriously... wait, what?

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