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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:09pm 20/03/19 | 0 Comments
After teasing the future of gaming, Google has lifted the lid on its new streaming platform called Stadia - which will launch in North America and Europe sometime later this year. And yeah, that means no Australia - initially at least. Leveraging the tech giant's data centers with processing power almost double that of the Xbox One X - the new platform will let players stream and play at up to 4K 60 frames-per-second.

With each instance of Stadia, providing 10.7 teraflops of power - far more than the Xbox One X's 6.

Stadia is essentially a new console and platform without a box, developer support will be key but already in the video above we can see several Ubisoft titles - with id Software's DOOM Eternal also coming. At the keynote presentation (which you can view in full below) we got to see 4K footage of the upcoming shooter in action, clearly demonstrating the potential and impressive performance of Stadia. Google confirms that cross-platform play and shared saves will be options for developers to include.

And then there's the added bonus of no install or patches required, although according to reports low-end bandwidth tests for Stadia (which is considered a 'bad connection') is around 15mbps. Hence, why the platform won't be making it to Australia at launch.

YouTube integration is also a big part, with Google mentioning that you could be watching a video or trailer and with a single click or press of a button start playing the game showcased in a matter of seconds. This also means that laptops, Chrome, Chromecast, and other mobile devices will be Stadia-ready. Also, the tech will allow others to watch instances - with full streaming support. It's all very futuristic, as streamers or players will be able to share game states to allow others to jump right in at specific points with the same gear and items or stats.

The only real hardware that players will associate with the platform will be the Stadia controller - with other controllers also supported. Finally, Stadia Games and Entertainment will become Google's own first party game development studio headed up by former Ubisoft and EA's Jade Raymond.

Here's the full presentation.


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