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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:51pm 14/03/19 | 1 Comments
With the new patch bringing a slew of updates alongside the new Wild Appalachia season kicking off today. Which marks the beginning of new content coming to Fallout 76. Arriving today is the brewing and distilling crafting options in addition to a new Wasted on Nukashine quest-line. Plus, the Fasnacht Parade seasonal event.

Here's the breakdown of the new stuff:
New Questline – Wasted on Nukashine
  • Begin this questline by finding and reading one of the Party Invitation Posters that VTU students have plastered throughout Appalachia, including at Train Stations, to join in the revelry.
  • Party Invitation Posters are also available for free in the Atomic Shop until 9:00 a.m. EDT on April 9. Once claimed, you can place the poster in your C.A.M.P. and read it to begin the quest.

New Crafting System – Brewing and Distilling
  • A new Brewing Workbench has been added that you’ll learn to build by completing the Wasted on Nukashine questline. Use it to craft a variety of new Wines, Spirits, Beers, and Mixed Drinks that will temporarily apply positive and negative effects when consumed.
  • Several Brewing and Distilling Daily and Weekly Challenges have also been added.

New C.A.M.P. Object – Fermenter
  • Some drinks require fermentation time before they’re ready to be consumed. Wines and Spirits can also be aged further to gain additional, more powerful effects.
  • The Fermenter C.A.M.P. object has been added to aid in this process and can be unlocked by completing Wasted on Nukashine.
  • Brew up a new batch of drinks using the Brewing Workbench and then use the Fermenter to select those concoctions and age them twice as fast.
    New Daily Quests – Brewing and Distilling
  • Once per day, after you’ve completed the Wasted on Nukashine questline, you can speak to Biv to continue experimentation and occasionally learn new recipes.
    Sometimes, you’ll be asked to imbibe various types of alcohol and perform specific tasks. Other times, you’ll learn a new recipe and will need to craft the brew to Biv’s satisfaction.

New Seasonal Event Quest – Fasnacht Parade
  • This repeatable, limited-time event will be available for one week, from March 19 - 26.
  • Travel to the town of Helvetia to aid the local Protectrons as they prepare for the annual Fasnacht celebration and parade. Guide the bots to the end of their parade route to claim new loot, which may include new C.A.M.P. plans, and gain a chance to earn a fantastic Fasnacht mask.
  • There are many Fasnacht masks up for grabs, and some are exceedingly rare. Trade with your friends to acquire any particular mask that catches your eye.

All the above marks the beginning of the Wild Appalachia season of new content, which in the coming weeks will see the arrival of a new Survival PVP mode, Player Vending, the arrival of a Legendary Vendor, C.A.M.P. system upgrades, Monster hunting, a new Scout faction, and more.

Today's Patch 7 also, as mentioned above, includes a large list of bug fixes and tweaks - including Energy and Heavy Weapon reworks, and the following welcome update:
Legendary Creatures: Now always drop a legendary item on death.

For the full patch notes, head here.

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