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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:39pm 08/03/19 | 25 Comments
In an absolute steal, Sony has come up trumps with new Cyberpunk 2077 details. Microsoft famously ended their 2018 E3 press conference with a Cyberpunk 2077 trailer, but it looks like CD Projekt RED has decided to play the field, with a new behind-the-scenes video detailing the game (in short form), from the PlayStation Blog.

And it's voiced by Geralt (or Doug Cockle, if you're a humanist), which makes it doubly cool. Talking about how to highlight the world in deeper form, making the baseline narrative exist in a parallel universe to that of the pen and paper game, the option to choose your gender and character instead of driving an established character, such as Geralt -- all of it is explored here. And while the video ends with an "when it's ready" release date, this video coupled with news the game will be at E3, and my own leanings over the past little bit since its reveal, suggests we'll be seeing the game in 2019.

Mark our words.

Watch the video embedded below.

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Posted 08:25pm 08/3/19
Posted 09:01pm 10/3/19
All the footage has been previously shown. Cool vid though. Definitely excited for this!
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:49pm 11/3/19
You guys might want to check this out then, by our very own Kosta Andreadis :)
Posted 01:36am 13/3/19

I look forward to seeing more of it. Would be nice if they shown more stuff but I can understand what the guy said about things may be there today and gone tomorrow during development.
Posted 06:54am 10/6/19
Release date is 16/04/2020. Giddy-thef***-up.
Posted 09:40am 10/6/19
Posted 05:14pm 10/6/19
Keanu, and seeing epic store 'coming soon' with it being available to pre order on steam now.
Icing on the cake.

The hype train has launched into space and i haven't been this ready for a game since Deus Ex.
Posted 07:03pm 10/6/19
Going to save up for a major platform upgrade before this game comes out. Going to build a beast worthy of Cyberpunk 2077.
Posted 07:12pm 10/6/19
Hah you're not alone there. my mates are upgrading just for this game. I've already done a beast upgrade CPU & M/B wise. just the GPU remains.
Posted 07:50pm 10/6/19
If you're buying please try and buy from GoG. CDPR will get a bigger cut of the money that way. I just preordered :S
Posted 07:54pm 10/6/19
The game isn't out till next year. You're upgrading too soon!!! heh
Posted 08:10pm 10/6/19
Nah I'll be upgrading in maybe February/March next year.
Posted 08:21pm 10/6/19
Already put my pre-order in earlier today on GOG. You get afew extra digital goodies but ultimately its just to show support to one of the few great consumer friendly companies left
Posted 08:39pm 10/6/19
This is like the GoT Season 8 wait all over again! Hopefully CP77 is actually good :)
Posted 03:30pm 17/6/19
Cyberpunk 2077 - no kill run possible

This is good news because one criticism of W3 is the emphasis on combat. Note I'm not saying over-emphasis - Geralt is a monster slayer after all there is no real thematic way around it.

No kills runs are always my favourite runs as long as the writing is up to scratch. Fallout:New Vegas (yes, that game again) is a prime example of this. What makes FO:NV so special is that on top of that, a kill everyone run (only unkillable character is Yes Man... and I think I may be forgetting another one) is possible and the narrative is able to play along with you.

Man I am pumped for Cyberpunk 2077 :(
Posted 04:22pm 17/6/19
The game isn't out till next year. You're upgrading too soon!!! heh

My PC was already insanely old and the games ive been playing have been stuttering like mad but my frames were fine. So i decided to upgrade the CPU & M/B and then the GPU later for cyberpunk.
It's a 9900k so hopefully it lasts as long as my previous one did.
Posted 04:31pm 17/6/19
I was going to upgrade my display nowish to an x27 and look at a Ryzen 3xxx and mobo upgrade around March next year. The x27 has a little bit of first-gen stink about it though so I may just wait and do it all at once in the hope something better comes along.
Posted 01:56am 18/6/19
I upgraded my CPU and Mobo recently to a i5-9600k so that should be good but I still have my 1070, Still a good card but I imagine that C2077 will smash it unless I have it on low-med.
Posted 06:59am 19/6/19
Posted 12:42pm 19/6/19
Nice avatar fpot.
Ive been listening to the sound track here and there recently
The hype is real. and knowing CD projekt, they will deliver.

Even if it doesnt meet expectations, Cyberpunk is just an awesome setting for a game world, and that love was born from the original Deus Ex, and of course Blade Runner.
Posted 11:39am 22/6/19
There's a ton of Keanu memes now. He is the internet's boyfriend now apparently.

Posted 12:12pm 22/6/19
the e3 demo is going to be released at the end of august.
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