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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:03pm 07/03/19 | 0 Comments
The Xbox One compilation of the first four Halo titles first hit the scene in late 2014, and since that time has seen a number of improvements. Plus, the addition of 4K Xbox One X enhanced visuals last year. So then, what could this big news be? Something that warrants its own teaser trailer? Our money is on Halo: Master Chief Collection coming to Windows 10 with full cross-play multiplayer support.

Which is the sort of thing that you create something like this for.

With the mysterious news set to be a major part of this month's Inside Xbox stream scheduled for next week. Although we're kind of guessing that its Halo coming back to PC, it's the sort of guess that's part wish part dream part 'come on Microsoft make this happen!'.

Ahem. Anyway in other Halo news a new tweet by Halo franchise development director Frank O’Connor has confirmed that the upcoming Halo Infinite will be getting a Windows 10 and Xbox One release. Alongside what we assume will be Halo Inifite's push as a next-gen Xbox Scarlett launch title. A nice little bit of info that confirms Microsoft's push towards backwards and forwards compatibility and fully supporting Xbox on Windows 10.

So yeah, our money is on Halo: Master Chief Collection coming to Windows 10.

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