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Which is a sizable discount from the previous price point of $1,249. The new $899 price-point is already up over at JB HiFi, and the price-drop comes alongside a new update to Razer Phone 2 as Android 9.0 Pie arrives. Which improves the already impressive performance, adding 4K 60FPS video recording.

As per our review.
Across Razer’s own suite of apps, and regular everyday ones that we all use, the power and performance of the Razer Phone 2 results in perhaps the smoothest day-to-day smartphone experience we’ve ever encountered. That being for switching between apps, checking email, browsing, Insta-Twittering, and of course firing up games like Fortnite, Asphalt 9, and Hearthstone. It’s essentially faultless, fast, and lag-free – which as an Android device makes the Razer Phone 2 stand out from the pack. Where, thanks to its look, it kind of already does.

So yeah, if you've been eyeing the Razer Phone for a while then this price drop will certainly make the device that much more appealing.

razer phonerazer phone 2price dropaustralia

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Posted 08:34pm 04/3/19
Only $787 on Amazon

does anyone have one of these?

last edited by trog at 20:34:42 04/Mar/19
Posted 07:35am 05/3/19
not razer, but loving wifey's huawei mate 20 pro. raddest camera evar.
Posted 08:44am 05/3/19
not razer, but loving wifey's huawei mate 20 pro. raddest camera evar.

enjoy your chinese spyware!
Posted 09:28am 05/3/19
it's Chinese spyware or American spyware. I think I'd prefer the former.

I'm trying to decide on a new phone; this Razer would be a contender if it ran Android One :(
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