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Which will fix some of the issues related to item and loot inscriptions, to ensure new items roll and come equipped with useful stats. In a recent developer post on Reddit, BioWare acknowledges that "many inscriptions are not useful to the item they are attached to". It's great to not only see that level of quick response but also an update coming so soon.

The new Patch that rolled out today includes an update to perhaps one of the more annoying features, the old 'you are too far from the action, so prepare to be transported via a loading screen'. A prompt that would pop-up on screen even if you were a few metres behind the group leader when flying towards an objective. As per the patch notes:
The tethering timer for missions has been increased. Players should now have more time to catch up to their Squad before seeing a countdown timer.

A step in the right direction but we'd remove the timer all together and put a small button prompt - letting players choose when and if they want to be teleported closer to the action. In addition to that some minor updates were applied to Strongholds.

The first loot update scheduled to roll out later tonight or tomorrow. As per the post from yesterday it's expected that the update will include the following:
  • Inscriptions are now better for the items they are on
  • This applies to new items earned in Anthem (not existing ones in your Vault)
  • If an inscription applies only to the item it is on (gear icon), it will be useful to that item. Otherwise the inscription will provide a Javelin wide benefit
  • For example, an Assault Rifle will not have an item specific +pistol damage inscription. It may have a +electric damage suit wide inscription (cool for a lightning build)

  • The update is also set to remove white and green items from Level 30 drop tables, which is based on community feedback. Although that sounds good it feels a little much. Trash loot is a key part of an action-RPG - it makes the higher tiered items feel more special. So yeah, another one we're not so sure of. A more welcome change though is the plan to lower the required Masterwork Embers for crafting a Masterwork Item (i.e. Legendary) - dropping from 25 to 15.

    anthembiowarelootpatchpatch notes

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