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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:16pm 28/02/19 | 3 Comments
There are few right-hand grip gaming mice that offer specific shapes and styles that often look a little over the top. In terms of Logitech's line-up the G502 fits this bill buts it's also one of the peripheral maker's top selling gaming mice. And it's not hard to see why, with this new version keeping the same form and feel with a few under-the-hood improvements.

It goes without saying that the shape and grip of the Logitech G502 won’t be for everyone, with a clear focus on a full palm-grip with generous thumb-rest support. If this is the sort of shape for you, then the G502 is something you’ll immediately fall in love with. From the soft yet durable finish, to the rubber grips, to the elongated shape that has made Logitech’s more premium gaming mice over the years look thinner than most. It feels spot on and the addition of small weights to easily increase or decrease its presence in small increments makes the G502 a right-hand grip dream come true. Like with the excellent G903, the scroll wheel can also change between precise and super-fast. Although not at the top of people’s lists of features when looking at a gaming mouse, the smooth and fast scrolling on offer with the G502 is satisfying.

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Posted 12:31pm 02/3/19
I like these mice but this one is too pricey. I picked up an earlier version of this (can't remember what model it was) a couple years back for super cheap on sale at JB and it was awesome - until it developed this random fault where it started freezing/skipping. I replaced it with a cheap G300s with a view to trying to replace my old one but still haven't done it yet. Hopefully will see these on sale at some point!
Posted 12:00am 04/3/19
$130 for a mouse. f*** that. i stand by my thermaltake.
Posted 07:42pm 06/3/19
I've got the g502 and it's pretty good.

Am using my old G9x at work and that thing is excellent STILL
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