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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:28pm 22/02/19 | 3 Comments
Grains of salt and all that, but a major rumour currently floating out of Direct Feed Games (thanks Game Informer) is suggesting Microsoft might be working with Nintendo to bring select Microsoft-published games to Nintendo Switch via Game Pass which, if true, would be a huge blow to the more cross-platform conservative Sony camp.

Game Informer notes that Direct Feed Games is usually a reliable source for rumours, specifically where Nintendo is concerned, and the two companies have never shied from buttering up to each other, most recently with cross-platform play between Fortnite and Minecraft, as well as Phil Spencer's own love affair with The Big N, as highlighted in our very own interview with him not too long ago.

According to the report, in order to have some of the higher graphical and CPU-heavy ended games playable on Switch, which wouldn't be able to natively handle some without actual development time, Microsoft will look to utilise its xCloud Streaming Service through Game Pass on Switch, which would mean the games stream via the Internet and the Switch simply acts as a screen for the game. Moreover, Game Informer reminds us that in Japan, Nintendo has been toying with cloud streaming, bringing Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Resident Evil 7 to the Switch, streaming via a local server.

The rumour here also suggests an announcement on the partnership could come as soon as this year. E3 maybe? With Sony pulling out of the event, it would make a lot of sense for Nintendo and Microsoft to leverage the stage together in an effort to gain a leg up over their poker-faced rival.

At any rate, this is definitely a watch this space rumour. Now, if only Retro could make a 4K HDR Metroid Prime that is cross-platform friendly to Xbox One X, then all of this would be gravy.

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Posted 11:15pm 23/2/19
All I want is to be able to stream my XBox onto my Switch the way I can onto a PC.

That would be glorious.
Posted 07:17pm 26/2/19
This would be great if true... love to be able to play my Xbox games on a handheld
Posted 11:03pm 26/2/19
I'm sure lots of good things may come of this but Cuphead on the switch was the very first thing I thought of when reading about this.
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