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Where this season 20 teams will compete for the championship and a share of the increased $5 million USD prize pool. The global league that sees city-based teams compete grows this year with an additional 8 teams, plus this weekend's first round of competition saw a 2018 Grand Finals rematch between the Philadelphia Fusion and champions London Spitfire.

Where the Fusion managed to find redemption, with a 3-1 victory over Spitfire.

Yesterday the green and gold of Los Angeles Valiant (with Aussie superstar Custa) went up against newcomers Hangzhou Spark, but lost in a nail-biting finish.

This year also sees 100 new players join the Overwatch League, with plans to house matches outside of the Los Angeles-based Blizzard Arena for the first time too - with matches scheduled to take place in Texas and other locations - in what are being dubbed 2019 Homestand Weekends.

For more info, and to watch all the action live - head here.

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Posted 01:40pm 18/2/19
We were all worried it was gonna completely suck with GOATS - but wow has it not. GOATSvGOATS is crap to watch sure, but it's incredible how many different strats the teams have come up with to break it that we just never expected would happen.

And hell, even Surefour is playing Sym, and Dafran is playing Torb ffs! That's insane!
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