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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:16pm 12/02/19 | 0 Comments
A fan-made adventure game from developer Daniele Spadoni that re-imagines the third Back to the Future film as a journey back in time to Melee Island - the setting for The Secret of Monkey Island. So instead of Doc Brown traveling back to the Old West he travels back to pirate times, and it's up to Marty McFly to save him.

Presented with classic Amiga-era pixel art utilising assets from both Monkey Island and Back to the Future games, it's definitely, err, something.

And chock-full of LucasArts references from Loom through to Full Throttle. Plus a few random '80s cameos - including the original Ghost Busters and more. Available to download and play now, it's something that we couldn't resist firing up. Although somewhat basic in its interface and adventure game puzzle logic, how it manages to blend the two properties is genuinely fun.

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