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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:09pm 07/02/19 | 0 Comments
The next entry in Ubisoft's seminal frustration simulator, Trials Rising, is just around the corner. Even though you can't take corners in the game. Ahem. Anywhoo, as the publisher-development giant has been making a habit of lately, an extensive and rewarding post-launch content roadmap has been revealed, and features plenty of gameplay, even for non Season Pass holders.

Free events and seasons lead the pack, in terms of what will be on offer on freebie side of things, as for Season Pass holders, here's what will be on offer:
  • Trials Rising Sixty-Six – Expansion I: Test your skills along the iconic Route 66 with new tracks and Contracts. Expansion I also includes football-themed customisation items, such as a helmet, jersey, pants, and cleats.
  • Trials Rising Crash and Sunburn – Expansion II: Head south of the Equator to ride through rugged environments like the mountains of Peru and icy landscapes of Antarctica.
  • Stuntman Rider Pack: Play and look the part as you crash over and over again with the Stuntman Rider Pack, which gives you access to the Stuntman costume and engraved retro bike.
  • Samurai Pack: Slash through the tracks with the spirits of ancient samurai to guide you, with customisation items that will allow players to stand out even more on the tracks.
Additionally, a number of different pre-order versions of the game will net you different rewards, which is a bit disappointing in that it all gets a bit muddled and silly, but here's Ubi's breakdown:
Trials Rising will see the release of new, free Seasons post-launch, which will introduce new poses, animations, and customization items for bikes and riders, as well as themed seasonal Events. Finally, Weekly Challenges will soon roll out objectives that will reward players with in-game currency and limited-time rewards.

Trials Rising is now available for pre-order ahead of launch on February 26. Players who purchase the Gold Edition will get access to the base game as well as the Expansion Pass. Pre-ordering any edition will net you the Jungle Rider Pack and Wild West Rider Pack. Each pack includes five items for your rider, and one item for your bike.
Trials Rising is essentially a 'Best Of' and is fantastic to play, as we've had our hands on it across all platforms (more from us soon). It launches on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One February 26.

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