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That is, fair warning, pretty much entirely a string of buzz words and phrases. With Intel graphics head Raja Koduri (formely the head of AMD graphics) talking about "photorealism" and virtual worlds so big that they would take a look at our own universe and say something like "how quaint". Under the Join the Movement slogan it is basically a slice of PR, but also a reminder that Intel is joining the GPU game in 2020.

Where the company will compete directly with NVIDIA and AMD in what one assumes will be a suite of discrete graphics options across a range of price points. With AMD recently announcing the 7nm Radeon VII with the long-rumoured Navi line of GPUs due later this year - no doubt it's going to be an interesting time for PC tech in the coming year. Will Intel feature next-gen ray-tracing technology like NVIDIA's RTX line? Who knows.

And to be quite honest, one of the reasons we're posting this is that we found it amusing. The video goes out of its way to talk about the concept of a discrete graphics card as some sort of futuristic endeavour.

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