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But, it's ll about PVP. In that it is said to remove PVP restrictions while adding incentives and rewards for killing other players in addition to making death more punishing. The announcement came as part of the latest Inside the Vault update, with plans to launch the first version of this new Suvival Mode in March. But, as with all things Fallout 76, players aren't entirely happy with the news.

In that the current game will be re-dubbed Adventure Mode with players getting to choose to fire up the game in either this mode or the new Survival with existing characters. The point of contention comes from exactly that, taking an existing character into Survival mode - and vice versa. With progress saving no matter the choice.

The reason for concern? The move seemingly rewards all of the current players that have cheated or duplicated items and the best weapons in the game. A controversial side of Fallout 76 that alongside unlimited carry weight exploits and other hacks have led to server instability issues. With Bethesda "continuing to investigate, track down, and eliminate exploits" the general consensus of the more concerned players is that perhaps a Survival mode reset or clear separation is in order.

That and outside of the PVP focus and the inclusion of leader-boards, there isn't really much to be excited about. Where's the need to sleep, removing fast travel outside of heading back to camp, losing meaningful items even when you die from a Scorched attack, and so forth. You know, to truly make it 'Survival'. As Bethesda preps another major patch that will quash bugs and glitches in addition to adding a few quality of life improvements (like the long-awaited 'Do I know this plan?' feature), there's still the fundamental issue of meaningful content. The new Survival mode, by focusing on PVP, is fine. But also means that any plans for new major PVE Adventure Mode updates could be a long way off. Bethesda did re-affirm its plans to add more PVE content after unveiling this new Survival Mode, but offered nothing in terms of timeline or details.

Also, there's still the issue of terrible and unsuitable for PVP performance across both PS4 and Xbox One. Which hopefully will be addressed before the Survival beta drops in March.

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