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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:00pm 22/01/19 | 0 Comments
Inspired by the living virus-like make-up of Venom, as we've been celebrating over the past few weeks, we decided to take a look at the best viruses in videogaming history. Why? Because most gaming narrative setups stem from some sort of viral fallout, so "why not?" is a better question.

And while this is still a Sponsored post thanks to the digital and home entertainment release of VENOM, we've still been granted creative freedom over the content here, and this one was a lot of fun to put together. Here's one virus example from our Top 5:
The Necromorph Virus - Dead Space Series

While not specifically cited as a virus, the necromorphs of the Dead Space series have been affected by a recombinant extraterrestrial infection, which results in the creation of the Necromorphs. The point of the infection, according to worshippers of the Markers that spread it in the first place, is part of a cleansing of humanity. Isaac Smith, however, does not hold this sentiment in any form of high regard and as such discovered, quite by accident, the best way to deal with them - “cut off their limbs”. Not quite zombies, but arguably more aggressive, smarter and more adaptive, the common enemy of Dead Spacers upped the jump scare ante of survival-horror games and then some. Hopefully we see a revival of the series in some form in the future.

Pro-Tip: Join the Church of Unitology or invest heavily in either a Plasma Cutter or a Line Cutter. You might find both at Bunnings if you look hard enough.
Click here for our Top 5 videogame viruses complete list.

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