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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:37pm 16/01/19 | 5 Comments
When EA closed the doors at Visceral Games back in 2017, alongside the studio closure came word that the single-player Star Wars adventure from one of the creative leads behind the Uncharted series (Amy Hennig) had been cancelled. Since that time it became apparent that a new open-world Star Wars game ala Assassin's Creed and so forth was in development at EA Vancouver. Now it seems that's been cancelled too.

A new report, over at Kotaku, cites people close to the project as the source for the cancellation news. Going on to write that it would have been a major release from EA Vancouver - a studio mostly used as support for other EA titles across a wide range of genres. Apparently the new Star Wars game was built utilising assets and other elements from Visceral's cancelled title, transforming it into an open-world game. Although EA hasn't publicly announced the game it has stated that the Vancouver team was working on a new Star Wars project.

So yeah, this whole EA and Star Wars deal hasn't exactly been the best fit - with only two Battlefront games released so far across PC and consoles. Here's hoping that Titanfall developer Respawn's Jedi: Fallen Order, due for release later this year, turns out great. Strange to think that we've been getting more Star Wars movies than games of late.

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:08pm 16/1/19
Wasn't EA Vancouver formerly Black Box? Hopefully they can now turn their attention to a new Skate release. But yeah, if I'm Disney right now, I'm shopping for a new publisher to handle the Star Wars license and honestly, I'd be looking at Ubisoft who've been actually producing great content lately, and supporting it better than ever.

Just saying.
Posted 06:53pm 16/1/19
Give it to CD Projekt and we'll have an amazing open world Star Wars 6 years time.
Posted 10:39pm 16/1/19
Give it to Bethesda, We will have a not bad Star Wars RPG in about 14 years time with lots of awesome big tiddy mods.
Posted 06:39pm 17/1/19
I love how EA keep pulling the plug on every future game they advert * f**king joke company *

Good example was C&C Generals 2
Posted 06:39pm 17/1/19
EA is a joke
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