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With Squad Conquest presenting an intense 8 v 8 battle between teams as they attempt to capture or hold various points. As part of the continued post-launch Tides of War campaign of free updates, events, and seasonal content for all Battlefield V players, Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes also sees the arrival of the long-awaited co-op mode. Whilst also paving the way for the upcoming Battle Royale mode - Firestorm.

Where, as per the new trailer below, it looks like tractors are being added as vehicles. Which is both unexpected, and cool.

Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes begins this week for all players, with Squad Conquest kicking off the new batch of content. The new Combined Arms co-op mode, as highlighted in the trailer, is due in February. Supporting teams of four players, Combined Arms is being described as offering "endless variation regarding objectives, locations, and challenges" where difficulty, classes, and so forth combine with the mission design to add replay value. The return of Rush is coming in March, paving the way for Chapter 3 and the arrival of Battlefield V Battle Royale.

Of course there's a lot more to the update coming this week, including a new Grand Operation, weapons, and various fixes and tweaks including better ways to see just how you died. Although sales so far have been lackluster compared to other titles in the series, it's clear from this new update that Battlefield V is getting better as it builds on an already strong foundation. For the first round of Chapter 2 updates and patch notes - check out this document.

battlefield vco-opchapter 2tides of wartrailer

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