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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:11pm 09/01/19 | 0 Comments
The award-winning board game Evolution (not based on the WWE super team comprising of Ric Flair, Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton), as our headline suggests, is heading to both PC and Mac as well as mobile devices, and is being handled digitally by North Star Digital Studios.

And you can see for yourself how fascinating it is in today's news trailer, which also has the worst David Attenborough voice-over attempt ever, but still somehow made me write fascinating with said voice in my head.
Inspired by the award-winning tabletop game with more than 1.6 million players worldwide, Evolution brings the swift pace of modern video games to enhance the elements that made the analog edition so popular. Create new species by combining traits to help them survive in an ever-changing environment. Fight for survival over food, whether plant-based or other creatures, and adapt to any challenge that arises.

A learn-while-you-play tutorial allows players both new and experienced to jump right in. Cross-platform multiplayer matches players up with people of similar skill so you can ascend the food chain. Hone your skills in a campaign mode with Apex Species to test your wits against.
Watch the game's PC trailer embedded below, and then try not to do a David Attenborough voice for the rest of the day -- we dare you.

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