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In that the HTC Vive Pro (which we reviewed here) is getting an upgrade to support eye-tracking, which as you can probably guess is being touted as a new intuitive way to interact in VR whilst also allowing new rendering techniques. Like NVIDIA's Adaptive Shading, which can improve performance based of where you're looking. It's a tech that can be found in the new RTX line of GPUs, and has already seen sizable performance increases in games like Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

With VR having to render an image for each eye and keep frame-rates above 60 fps, the new eye-tracking component of the HTC Vive Pro update could see a noticeable improvement for high-end VR on PC.

The second headset announced by HTC is the new Vive Cosmos, a more mainstream device powered by either a PC or smart phone. It sounds cool, and being able to switch between PC, laptop, or smart phone sounds like the right move. Without the need for external sensors, and to focus on an easy setup and play-anywhere direction, the Vive Cosmos will feature two front facing cameras, two side facing cameras, and controllers that look a bit like the existing HTC Vive wands. Here's the teaser trailer showcasing the new device.

No word on a firm release date other than the cryptic "coming soon", nor detail on how exactly it will perform when connected to a smart phone. The Vive Cosmos is still an unknown in terms of specs, so we'll be bringing you more info on the new VR headset as it's made available.

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