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After last year's trademark and the recent teases over the weekend, today a new Alien game was announced - called Alien: Blackout. In what looks like a direct follow-up to Alien: Isolation, Blackout is a new mobile game for iOS and Android that puts players in the role of Amanda Ripley as she attempts to save her crew members and survive whilst being hunted by the deadly Xenomorph aboard a space-station.

Even though it's somewhat disappointing that it has turned out to be a mobile game - as per the trailer below, it does look pretty good.

Using only the space station’s limited power supply to operate a holographic map, surveillance cameras, and motion tracker, attempt to remain hidden and protect your crew from the perfect hunter in seven fear-inducing levels.

A new chapter in the Alien franchise following the saga of Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, between the films Alien and Aliens.

An immersive and captivating Alien experience, perfectly designed for mobile gaming, bringing the Alien story to life.

Every decision can lead to a different conclusion. Players can test different strategies and theories to outlast the Xenomorph in pursuit of victory!

In terms of presentation it seems that Blackout is all about using the on-board systems and cameras to direct and control the action across a number of challenging levels. Alien: Blackout is being developed by California-based studio D3 Go!, and you can find out more about the game via the studio's official site here.

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