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And now we're closing in on the halfway mark. This list has been an awesome reflection on 2018, and really a lot of fun to put together. We should probably be playing most of these games rather than spending so much time on the list itself given it's still holidays, but we all know how important lists can be.

So, as of Day Four here's where we stand:

At Number 10 we have Forza Horizon 4:
It’s in Playground Games’ arcade offering with the Forza Horizon series that we’ve realised going offroad, however you see fit, is an oddly natural thing to do in open-world gaming.
Number 9 is a gift from friends across the Tasman pond with the glorious Ashen:
Once you unlock fast travel and get your favourite weapons up to a higher forge grade, Ashen quickly pulls you in and never lets you go.
Number 8 is a game we suspect people will be playing will into 2019 given Assassin's Creed Odyssey's impressive post-release content roadmap:
The Greek setting is perfect for Assassin’s Creed, not only because you get to explore historical sites and landmarks in a way that the series has always excelled at -- but mainly due to the recent genre transformation we’ve seen.
And so today we arrive at Number 7 on our list, which rests in the console exclusive camp, but serves up a content-plus treat for the ages...

Click through to our Top 10 Best Games of 2018 feature proper for our Number 7 reveal!

GOTYgame of the yeartop 10 games of 20182018ausgamers

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