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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 05:16pm 03/01/19 | 2 Comments
Fallout 76 is far from being a write-off, no matter the numerous hot takes or apocalyptic reactions that all seem to be stating and re-stating the same few points. There's plenty of room to correct course, even if it will take some time. With the team at Bethesda Game Studios prepping another major patch to address ongoing issues, they're also teasing some new stuff coming this year.

Including 'Player Vending', a feature that many expected at launch. As in the ability to setup shop and sell all manner of goodies. Very cool, but also only if we can hire a robot shop-keep to handle transactions whilst we're out scavenging. And run ads via the Pip Boy radio.

As part of a new and very short new year-themed post advising that a major patch "will address many of the issues you’ve been providing feedback on" - comes word that in terms of new content the main things on the 'Perk' cards, as of right now, are "new quests, weekly in-game events, new Vaults opening, a new PvP mode," and the Player Vending stuff. And more. It's certainly sounds like a lot, but is awfully vague. Hence our dreams of robot shop-keeps we can call our own.

As we're closing in on two months since Fallout 76 launched, what we really need is a roadmap. And confirmation that the game needs fundamental changes. What sort of new quests, will NPCs actually join the near-empty map to inject much-needed life into the world, will this PvP mode be on new servers, and so forth. Being cryptic and vague is fine if most of what you have is genuine interest and goodwill - but Fallout 76 was and still is a mess. And one that we're still waiting to hear about what steps are being taken to clean it up.

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Posted 09:02pm 03/1/19
Almost as vague as what you think about it.
Posted 01:55pm 05/1/19
As long as they keep plugging away at updates and content then I'll be happy.
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