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In what might just be the last Rumour Watch 2018 before we officially enter Rumour Watch 2019 season, comes word from various sources that Microsoft has a total of four new Xbox consoles in the works. Many we've already heard of, one that's unexpected, and some that are targeting the streaming cloud market.

So yeah, let's break them down. In terms of the official successor to the Xbox One there's Xbox Scarlett - the code-name for the next-gen Xbox that will take the baton as passed-on by the still-running Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles. Let that 'consoles in a track and field race' analogy sink in for a just a moment. Ahem.

Anyway tuns out that Microsoft are planning on releasing two versions of the Scarlett - one code-named Anaconda that will be the powerful Xbox One X equivalent. And the second console, Lockhart, designed to be a less expensive Xbox One S-like equivalent. Which would be a first in long time for a new console launch - having two versions available. The Scarlett duo is rumoured to be on track for a 2020 release.

In addition to that an additional console with the code-name Maverick is said to be on the cards for 2019, that will be a disc-drive-less streaming only box. Where it all gets confusing is that an additional Xbox One is on the cards that is said to be a low-cost model, with a disc-drive, that will also feature streaming support.

Now, having a wide range of consoles may sound confusing no doubt Microsoft will align all four with both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live and its other services. Where forwards and backwards compatibility mean that even though they're different SKUs they're part of the same, err, family. Sorry for the descent into market-speak there.


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