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And yeah, that could be considered harsh, but if we remember how Evolve's post-content delivery was handled, it pretty much buried an otherwise awesome game. This is content that should be part of the base product from the retail drop. Or at least free later on.

Wrestling fans, however, will fork out cash, so maybe this is just 2K being smart with the audience they're pitching to. At any rate, here's what the the "New Moves Pack" delivers:

Available for use with all WWE Superstars and MyPLAYER creations, new moves for dishing out punishment inside the virtual squared circle include the following:
  • Atomic Drop into Double Leg Combo (made popular by WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy);
  • Exploder vs. Opponent on the Apron (made popular by NXT Superstar Tyler Bate);
  • Slingshot X-Factor (made popular by 205 Live Superstar Mustafa Ali);
  • Assisted Twist of Fate, Avalanche Splash & Side Effect Combo and the Senton & Leg Drop Combo (made popular by WWE Superstars Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt).
In addition, 2K has also revealed that another new DLC pack: the "Rising Stars Pack", will drop in early 2019, which makes a bit more sense as new members across all rosters are climbing and falling constantly. Hopefully each of these is substantial enough to warrant the wallet dip.

Watch a trailer for the new DLC embedded below.

new dlcwwe 2k19wwewrestling2kdlc packdlccontent

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