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It's not everyday that a new graphics driver lays the foundation for the inevitable AI uprising that will lead to us becoming glorified butlers for a race of super-intelligent robots. Ahem. Exaggeration aside, the latest Game Ready GeForce Driver from NVIDIA does setup the introduction of DLSS GeForce RTX support for an upcoming Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition update.

Which will see the AI-powered RTX exclusive Deep Learning technology give players the ability to "achieve 60 FPS on GeForce RTX 2080 Ti at 4K with max quality settings".

Here's a video showcasing the performance increase.

As one of the most visually demanding titles on PC, it's a remarkable improvement without sacrificing quality. DLSS, which is more than a fancy new anti-aliasing technique uses AI to render a 4K image using a lower sample. More or less. It's actually fairly involved, but the nice bonus is that as it's AI - performance improves over time.

As a beta driver, expect some issues. After seeing the technology first-hand behind closed doors DLSS and its impact on high-frame 4K gaming is exciting.

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