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On the heels of hitting an impressive 100 million player milestone, the latest expansion for Hearthstone is now live. Called Rastakhan's Rumble it's themed around the trolls of Azeroth and their leader King Rastakhan putting on a gladiatorial tournament. In addition to introducing 135 new cards, the new single-player component sees player's climbing the ranks to take on nine Legendary Troll Champions.

The expansion also introduces a new mechanic called Overkill that provides powerful effects when dealing excess damage. “We’re excited to have Hearthstone players around the world step into the ring today to test their might in Rastakhan’s Rumble,” said J. Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment. “The Gurubashi Arena has seen countless fights over the years, but nothing like what’s about to unfold—we can’t wait to see the fiercely creative decks players bring to the battlefield.”

Although live now, the single-player component Rumble Run launches December 14, and will see "players will enter the arena as Rikkar, an up-and-coming troll gladiator who casts his lot with one of the nine teams in the tournament, learning valuable fighting techniques and befriending hardy allies on his journey to earn the title of Azeroth’s mightiest troll". It sounds very cool.

All players who log in to Hearthstone will receive six free Rastakhan’s Rumble card packs for a limited time too.

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