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Chalk this one up to a "probably not" but we're posting it mainly because we can't wait to see what Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady has in store for its next game. Arkham Knight was released back in 2015, so it's been a minute. Superman: World’s Finest , which is a very cool title, is rumoured to be the studio's next title and the internet is, as they say, abuzz with renewed hype.

Based on such a small thing that it highlights just how badly people want to find out abut the next Rocksteady joint. In that a listing on a site called Game System Requirements, which hosts PC specs for games as a resource - now has a Superman: World’s Finest page. Not exactly a rock solid source.

The name World's Finest first leaked earlier in the year prior to E3 - with speculation noting that Superman, Batman, and Robin will all be playable. In the same way that all three cahracters feature in the comic book series of the same name.

So, will we see it at The Game Awards next week? Again, "probably not", but it sure would be nice.

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