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Well, it only took years and years - but Darksiders is back. The Xbox 360-era action-adventure that took design cues from The Legend of Zelda and classic games in the straight up action genre. So then, does it live up to the older tiles or forge a new path. The answer to that both, is, err, no.

In that the new Dark Souls-like challenge doesn't work all that well with the Darksiders of old.
Combat that leans a little too heavily in the direction of counters isn’t the only issue here, but it’s the most prominent and one that bleeds into all the other shortcomings. In terms of difficulty, Darksiders III is more Dark Souls than the original two games - an approach that feels at odds with the Zelda and Metroidvania style world and comic aesthetic. Taking on groups of enemies or packs of monsters, a staple in any game of this nature suffers due to camera issues, enemies that not only have a greater reach than Fury’s whip but also faster attacks too - where they almost always attacking in quick succession with the ability to interrupt and stagger Fury mid perfect-counter. Enemies and monsters themselves, mostly cannot be stunned or staggered mid-strike – all adding to the overall feeling that Fury’s whip is kind of, well, pretty worthless. Especially when it can’t handle even the lowliest of creatures without dodging their attacks first.

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