The team behind XCOM takes on Marvel and delivers a tactical turn-based RPG with deep and rewarding combat.
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From the return of Dead Space style horror to the creators of XCOM creating a full-blown Marvel superhero RPG. Let’s take a look at the big releases across each platform…
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With the release of Diablo III: Eternal Collection for the Nintendo Switch, no doubt Blizzard's classic action-RPG is drawing in a new player base to help stop the rise of evil. So with that in mind, we've but together an in-depth look at the game with tips and advice on becoming the most powerful hero Sanctuary has ever seen.

Which naturally, is based on countless hours spent in the world.
And it’s here where Diablo III comes into its own. As an action-RPG the Diablo III experience is one filled with loot from both fallen enemies and bosses and chests, and through crafting at the local Blacksmith. Item quality is determined by colour, with the very best being legendary (orange). Legendary weapons in Diablo provide incredible bonuses and augment abilities in ways that transform the game, so the key to progression is to adapt early and often to take advantage of the legendary weapons, armour pieces and items at your disposal.

If a new legendary weapon or armour piece calls on a skill you don’t have equipped spend the time to adjust your build to incorporate and experiment with a new playstyle. Using the example above, the Demon Hunter quiver Bombardier’s Rucksack lets you place an additional two sentries down, effectively and immediately doubling your damage potential using sentries. One of the many joys of Diablo III, outside of the endless fun of the action itself, is reading through and calculating what legendary items add to a potential build and pairing them with the right skills, sets and jewellery. Green armour sets, of which each class has five, offer bonuses for every two pieces you find and equip with the six-set bonus providing radical buffs to skills and damage potential.

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Nice work, I could see this being a lot of fun on Switch.
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