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Available to play now via Early Access, HellSign from Australian developer Ballistic Interactive presents a nightmarish (or realistic, depending on your own history with massive spiders) vision of Australia as you investigate, track, and hunt monsters. In a visual aesthetic that is one part Resident Evil, one part graphic novel, and one part nightmarish vision all its own.

Check it out.

  • HellSign is a hardcore single player hunting game centralized around investigating and hunting supernatural enemies.
  • Dark & unique art direction, using light & shadows to create a mysterious haunting atmosphere, with carefully tailored animation bringing the game to life.
  • Procedural level generation, mixed with dynamic clue and enemy generation makes for a massively replayable experience. Clues are logically scattered around the level which the player has to find and decipher.
  • Character progression & customization, with countless hightech gadgets, weapons and consumables.
  • Contrasting gameplay, with rewarding & atmospheric investigation, mixed with fast paced intense combat throughout and ending with an epic showdown at the end of a job.

  • Great voice acting and music too, and all this from a small two person indie team based in Australia. Awesome. Here's a link to the the Steam page so be sure to check it out. The Early Access release, at $14.99 USD, provides the first of three planned story chapters offering somewhere in the range of 10 hours or so of gameplay. A full release is on track for late 2019.

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