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They say there's a Warhammer game to suit any mood, or at least they should be saying that. Warhammer: Chaosbane is a new action-RPG set the in fantasy universe due for release next year on PC, PS4, and Xbox One - whose gameplay draws inspiration from Blizzard's classic. In the newest gameplay video we get to see the melee styling of the Imperial Captain class.

And although the animation and speed need fine tuning, this is looking really promising.

Konrad Vollen, an Imperial Captain, was trained in armed combat from early childhood. A close combat specialist, his attacks are mainly melee and area-of-effect based. His shield allows him to take on vast hordes of enemies. Provocation, sprint, and whirling attack make him a very powerful first-line fighter. The Imperial Captain also has several banners that he can plant in the ground to galvanize his group and grant them significant bonuses.

Each character in the game has a unique ability. Konrad Vollen is such a master at handling his shield that he can use it to strike enemies or to stun them. Because of his offerings to Sigmar, the vengeful god he worships, the soldier can utilize more passive and active skills, which increase his combat abilities such as his impressive fire aura.

Support up to four players in co-op it's clear that the character and ability designs draw on team-work and buffs and different roles without sacrificing power. It's all very Diablo 3 in its approach, but still very much Warhammer.

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