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If you've been following the events and goings on at BlizzCon this past weekend then you'd be aware of the whole controversy surrounding the reveal of the mobile-only Diablo Immortal - one of "multiple Diablo project currently in the works" but the only new Diablo thing at the show. The whole 'multiple projects' thing was a phrase we heard over and over from Blizzard at the show.

According to a new report over at Kotaku - Blizzard pulled a Diablo 4 teaser at the eleventh hour. A small nod to the sequel's development, but also confirming that it wasn't quite ready to show just yet.

Which, in complete honesty would have been enough for me. As it stands Blizzard has not officially confirmed the existence of a full Diablo sequel for PC currently in development. Of which Kotaku notes has been in production for over 4 years, and in that time seen a few major changes.

The dislike ratio on Diablo Immortal trailers on YouTube is somewhat unprecedented

Diablo is a somewhat special case when it comes to a potential reveal of a new title in the franchise. In that a number of fans have been waiting for a while and a vocal contingent still feeling that the series hasn't recovered from the whole real-world money Auction House that debuted with Diablo 3 back in 2012. Of course, with the Reaper of Souls expansion we're of the opinion at AusGamers that Diablo 3 became one of the all-time great comeback stories.

Plus, it turned out that that game played fantastically on consoles too.

But, when Diablo Immortal was announced as a mobile-only release, the reaction was catastrophic to say the least across YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, etc. At the show itself someone posed the question if the entire game was a joke at the Diablo Immortal Q&A. The crowd booed developers. It was strange. But again, the crux or at the very least the reasoning behind why some are understandably upset over the Diablo Immortal announcement is that fans have been waiting for a Diablo 4 PC/console sequel announcement for a while.

In fact, even though the chances were slim, heading into my first BlizzCon in 2016 - I was hoping for a teaser. If this report is true, this year we would have got one. And perhaps the whole Diablo Immortal backlash would have been a small blip and not the major distraction it has become.

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