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Which will be available to play and download for all BlizzCon attendees and Virtual Ticket owners. For what's being dubbed WoW Classic, Blizzard notes that it wants the project to be "as faithful as possible to World of Warcraft as it existed back in 2005 and 2006, before Cataclysm altered the world".

For the upcoming demo, two iconic zones will be brought back from the pages (and servers) of history, no doubt familiar to fans of classic WoW or those who played back in the day. The two zones will be Barrens for the Horde and Westfall for the Alliance, playable as they were when they debuted. The demo for WoW Classic then looks to be a very small slice of the eventual re-release. Nut, not without its classic moments.
You’ll be able to search for Mankrik’s wife, curse at Ornery Plainstriders for not having beaks, and make a group to kill Defias Pillagers in Moonbrook. You might even get to improvise a new rotation against the Harvest Golems in Farmer Saldean’s farm, since in this era, mechanical creatures may be immune to some of your abilities. We brought all of that back, and we’re as excited about it as you are.

Because it’s a demo, there’ll will be some limitations on the content: the Deadmines and Wailing Caverns dungeons won’t be available, the only PvP will be dueling, and you won’t be able to visit zones other than Westfall and the Barrens.

Those who log into the demo will begin their adventure at Level 15, butit will be a limited-time affair with players being disconnected after a certain period. Blizzard notes that it will be flexible and progress will be saved, it's simply doing this to ensure that those who queue up to play will get a chance to. What's interesting and perhaps the big reason for the delay and the need for a demo is that WoW Classic is being recreated using the modern WoW code-base so it'll feature modern PC/OS and Battle.net support. For more info, head here.

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