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Grand sci-fi strategy, of the 4X variety which represents "explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate" has traditionally been the sort of genre that you'd only find on PC. Mainly due to the complex nature of the mechanics, menus, and so forth best suited to keyboard and mouse. But with keyboard and mouse support soon to be a thing on consoles, the grand sci-fi strategy of Stellaris is console bound.

Coming to PS4 and Xbox One Q1 2019.

Featuring the same deep strategic gameplay, rich and diverse alien races and emergent storytelling, Stellaris: Console Edition puts the complexity of the galaxy at your thumbsticks. Whether you’re exploring the unknown, discovering the mysteries of the universe, or conquering it for the glory of your empire, console players have more inter-galactic strategy awaiting them than ever before.

  • Behold the enormity of space with procedurally generated galaxies with an untold number of planets to explore.
  • Encounter a myriad of wild, wacky, and dangerous alien races who may prove to be crucial trade partners or conquering forces hellbent on enslaving your civilization.
  • Take on strategic space warfare and resource management to ensure the survival and advancement of your empire.
  • Explore scientific anomalies and uncover technological wonders throughout the galaxy to mercilessly utilize them toward your own gains.
  • Govern your own fledgling empire and secure your power and agenda through manipulating internal policies, factions, traditions and more.

A Stellaris: Console Edition Deluxe edition is also planned that will include add-on content Plantoids Species Pack, Leviathans Story Pack, and the Utopia Expansion. Naturally, controller support with be available - but playing this on an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro with a keyboard and mouse will no doubt feel a little surreal.

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