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Late last week, a producer and Command & Conquer veteran over at EA - Jim Vessella - hinted at the possible return of the classic RTS series starting with remasters for some of the older titles. As per some new information gleaned from a Reddit AMA, the first of these projects is currently underway and EA are listening to the community to see what features might be requested.

From new UI to re-balancing to updated visuals and presentation, it seems these projects will be more than simple remasters to get them running on modern hardware. With Jim Vessella asking the community - "Would you want to see updated balancing or a more robust UI?" and "Would you want to see the C&C 3 style tabs and unit selection sidebar in one of the classic games?"

Both of which we'd say yes to.

But, following the announcement last week, many expressed concerns over the possible introduction of microtransactions. Because, EA. A real concern for fans of series who would like this modern aspect of games far from any planned remake. Responding to the query, Vessella said, "We will not be adding any microtransactions to a C&C Remaster."

Good to know.

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