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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:33pm 12/10/18 | 2 Comments
Say what you will about the perpetually in-development Star Citizen and its single-player star-studded off-shoot Squadron 42 - the latest trailer that debuted at CitizenCon this week looks incredible. From digital Mark Hamill and Gillian Anderson to the design of the Vandal aliens to the ships and cinematic effects.

Amazing stuff.

Here's hoping that it gets a release date soon. Definite Mass Effect meets Wing Commander vibes from this one. One casting surprise is that in addition to Hamill, Anderson, Gary Oldman, and others - Squadron 42 will also feature Henry Cavill of Superman and Netflix's Witcher series fame.

squadron 42star citizentrailer

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Posted 09:41pm 13/10/18
Seemed to just mostly be a showcase of a bunch of celebrity voice actors?
Posted 11:44am 15/10/18
Their keynote is up now, although really its just them showing off a mission. The game it starting to look more like a game then a tech demo now.
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