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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:21pm 10/10/18 | 4 Comments
Life is Strange 2 has begun its five-episode season with the release of the first episode 'The Road'. And sure, it deals with supernatural elements and strange goings on that will be fleshed out as the series progresses, but it also deals with the issues of today. Or any-day for that matter, with a brilliant character driven story that also deals with racism, immigration, and the current political climate.

Although it deals with supernatural elements in a realistic setting, like with the original, Life is Strange 2’s new characters and story deal heavily in themes of identity, racism, and belonging. It’s a product very much of its time, set in the U.S. prior to the 2016 election. The fear of immigrants and discrimination is not limited to America, but by focusing on this issue, Life is Strange 2 is without a doubt a political game. A cinematic story of two brothers on the run after a disastrous event involving a police officer killing an unarmed person – an immigrant. A tale and journey where guilt is assumed when encountering certain strangers, and the danger of not being discovered carries the additional weight of being detained without trial.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:27pm 10/10/18
" with a...story that also deals with racism, immigration, and the current political climate."

Let me guess, they take the cool option and go anti-Trump like Hollywood and the rest of the media. Snore.
Posted 06:39pm 10/10/18
Uhuh.. the 'cool' option... Life is Strange 2 isn't tied to Trump-politics specifically nor is it anti-Trump in any sort of obvious way... it deals with serious issues as part of character-based story... which is why it feels different than other adventure games
Posted 08:56pm 10/10/18
"...the current political climate".

The only people who tie the "current political climate" to racism and immigration are the same people who think standing in traffic is "progressive". Maybe the game has nothing to do with it, I doubt it if your review seemed intent on mentioning it indirectly.
Posted 11:22pm 10/10/18
Not sure I quite understand the point. Regardless the game deals with these issues in a straight-forward way. I mention current political climate because this stuff is, well, part of current political discourse. Especially in the U.S.
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