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And they can only be used to purchase cosmetic items. Earned in-game for completing events, which in our recent hands-on included getting 20 Atoms for exiting Vault 76 and collecting flowers and scrapping junk, the currency can then be used in an in-game store that will go live at launch. The Xbox One version of Fallout 76 will come with 500 Atoms, though no word on how many Atoms cosmetic items will cost.

As per below you can see the visual prompt of Atoms being earned from our hands-on, when we first exited Vault 76.

Naturally the mere inclusion of an in-game virtual currency has caused a bit of a backlash - but limiting them to cosmetic items only is the right choice, as we expect post-launch content and events for Fallout 76 to be free and playable for all. As per word from Bethesda at the event Atoms will be earned throughout play and no cosmetic items will be locked behind a paywall.

Fallout 76 is out November 14 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC with the beta kicking off on October 23 for Xbox One pre-orders.

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Posted 07:00pm 10/10/18
I'd expect them to charge 100-300 atoms per item. Not having them would be good but it could be worse.
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