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The race to provide a low-latency, impressive, and malleable game streaming service is only going to intensify in the next couple of years. Many refer to it as the race to become Netflix. With Microsoft's on-demand download and play service Game Pass proving to be an essential and valuable addition to the Xbox line-up comes word about its plans for a streaming future.

Where device won't matter and streaming Xbox games, powered by Microsoft Azure servers, will be possible no matter if you're on a console, PC, phone, or tablet. Naturally, it all comes down to the underlying technology and network infrastructure - with Project xCloud built off Xbox One hardware and Microsoft's cutting edge data centres.

Oh which, we have a few in Australia. Public trials for Project xCloud are expected to commence next year - and based on the following map of planned data centres that will get the new streaming hardware, Australia might actually be involved for once.

In terms of technology and requirements, Microsoft lists a 10 megabit connection as the requirement for 'high-quality' which seems fairly reasonable. As is the plan to use 4G networks in addition to scaling to support 5G too.

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