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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:43pm 24/09/18 | 1 Comments
Like a lot of you no doubt, we spent a bit of time with the recent Battlefield V open beta - which although felt familiar introduced a number of changes and fundamental shifts to the regular Battlefield flow. The lack of ammo took a little bit to get used to, as did the new way to spot enemies. And the whole construction of defenses thing.

Different, but still a lot of fun. First change coming, addresses the ammunition question - but without affecting the new direction. As per this detailed post.
Let’s kick off with Battlefield V’s attrition. First off: having limited ammo and health is key to optimizing the gameplay tempo. It encourages you to be mindful, as well to be more thoughtful and tactical instead of just spawning, sprinting, and dying.

In community-created polls following the Open Beta, we’ve seen that most players want us to tweak the attrition – which we are doing. In general, players are going to spawn somewhat more capably in the final game. For certain weapons, you’re going to have more ammo, and other weapons will see an increased max amount for ammunition. We’re also considering letting you start your fight with a Health Pouch that can be used one time.

When it comes to Supply Stations, we’re removing some. They won’t be completely cut from the map, but instead of being pre-built, they will need to be constructed by players. This provides more opportunities to score points from construction and adds something fresh to the flow after spawning beyond just sprinting towards the enemy.

Which all sounds pretty good. Though the strategic location of supply stations did create hot spots and rally points for the matches we played. In terms of player visibility changes are coming but not in the form of the old little icons above spotted soldier heads. Instead DICE is reworking maps to make players stand out more through stuff like adding distance hazes and tweaking lighting levels.

Also the expected weapon tweaks will be happening based on the data obtained during the beta - which as per the below infographic, is a lot.

Also, DICE briefly talks about vehicles and that as the beta only had a small number of tanks and no light vehicles, the full game will offer a more robust line-up of things to drive and shoot in. Including the introduction of systemic vehicle damage, meaning it'll be possible to destroy turrets and guns with vehicles still able to move. Very cool.

Battlefield V launches November 9 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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The whole game is a steaming pile of s***.
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