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Where you can put on your thickest Aussie accent and say “OK Google” or “Hey Google” and ask it any question you like. For example, "Hey Google, what's that movie with that bloke from Batman where he lost a bunch of weight?" With Google to respond no doubt with every non-Batman Christian Bale movie. Integrated with NVIDIA SHIELD TV, Google Assistant lets you search apps, browse movies and TV shows, find content or even ask for a recommendation.

For more on Google Assistant, and setup info with SHIELD TV - head here.

We reviewed the NVIDIA SHIELD TV back in July, at launch, where we said.
Where in addition to being able to stream all the latest PC games direct to your TV with minimal fuss and input lag thanks to NVIDIA GameStream, you also get a device that is all about performance - no matter the application. There’s just something about being able to search for a movie and then instantly fire up Netflix, Google Play, or Plex and start watching. In other words, the real star of the show when it comes to NVIDIA SHIELD TV is the clean, fast, and reliable UI experience.

Which still rings true, with the SHIELD being hands-down one of the best straight up media players money can buy. The NVIDIA SHIELD TV is priced at $249.95 including a remote and $329.95 bundled with a game controller and remote.

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Posted 03:08pm 21/9/18
Looking at swapping out my aging Pi2 for one of these. Hopefully on some sweet Christmas deals.
Posted 03:55pm 23/9/18
Purchased recently. Great for streaming movies from PC and Netflix etc.
Not so good with the game streaming service. Doesn't work with high ping (70ms or more).
My ping to US MMOs is about 250ms on a 50Mb NBN connection, so this option is useless.
Also the Google Play store is a cut down version, meaning you can only install apps that are compatible with Shield (i.e not very many). You also only need the controller for playing apps on shield.
If you have a wifi controller for pc games, you don't need the shield controller. Not all PC games like streaming to shield, unfortunately. Good, without the controller.
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