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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:53pm 05/09/18 | 14 Comments
Sweeping initial fears under the rug, like Peter Parker hides his Spidey costume from Aunt May, we've swung through Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man and come out the other side still broke (like Peter), still confused about our love-life (like Peter), but better people for having ever been this version of Spider-Man (like Peter).

And as a result we'd just like to say a massive thank you to Insomniac for giving us this webslinging journey to go on. It's been one of the best rides we've had in a while. Here's some words from our review:
What’s helpful too, is the missions that take place not as Spider-Man (even those as Peter). These gameplay breaks both ground you in terms of the sheer size of the game-world here (they created an almost 1:1 Manhattan, New York), and also make you realise how freaking cool it is being Spider-Man. This juxtaposition is a fantastic way of not just breaking up the flow of gameplay, it helps you see the game from unique and informative angles. It also reminds us that Spidey is never alone, which is a large part of the Spider-Man transmedia universe. And Insomniac has completely embraced all of this. Their story-telling alongside the actual plot is built from pure confidence in their ability to become a premier Spider-Man storyteller -- much in the same way Rocksteady backed themselves to do the same with the Batman: Arkham series.

What elevates an already amazing story here, is every member of the voice cast is perfect. Yuri Lowenthal as Peter Parker and Spider-Man is a revelation. His portrayal, comedy timing, tone and ability to shift in an out of demure Parker to annoying Spider-Man is seamless at best, and perfect at worst. Expect Spider-Man to be in heavy award contention at the end of the year, even with the looming Red Dead Redemption 2 next month.
Click here for our full Marvel's Spider-Man review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:18pm 05/9/18
the game looks amazing. i have a 4k oled tv and a new 500 million ps4 pro primed and ready for the weekend.
Posted 04:25pm 05/9/18
awesome... nothing better than ps4 pro + oled
Posted 09:02pm 05/9/18
Yeah there is, a PC with an OLED :)

I have Friday off so I'm going straight to JB in the morning to get this game!
Posted 04:47pm 10/9/18
Also playing on a Pro + OLED LG C8. It looks and runs amazing. I'm only 25% through the story but I have a lot of the busy work out of the way (All towers, landmarks and backpacks done).
Posted 07:31pm 10/9/18
I have Friday off so I'm going straight to JB in the morning to get this game!

isnt it ps4 exclusive?
Posted 08:06pm 10/9/18
it's so satisfying just webslinging through the city. insomniac did a fantastic job.
Posted 10:07am 12/9/18
Looks so nice. Pity no PC version :(
Posted 06:55pm 12/9/18
just another reason to get a ps4

i dont get exclusives (at all), but you cant go past a ps4. nearly all of its exclusives are absolute gold.
Posted 07:54pm 12/9/18
it's by now a DRM woven top down number's fact by the decision makers in ignoring publishing on PC in any form

here's a quick look back at how gaming media publishing has changed since the early 90's, while the market was still fledging

| PC Scene
| mid 90's -- CD media, serialised or book lookup unlock codes, various fledgling consoles
| 00's -- CD - DVD media, online-required serial/unlock code checking,
| early 10's -- rise of the Online-only DRM publishing platforms, online persistence is required throughout gameplay
| towards mid 10's -- various online community awareness that publishing focus is shifting towards console exclusives and quick-and-dirty pc ports, the blame piracy myth/numbers game conversation

| Console Scene
| mid 90's -- the dark ages - pre mass digital subscriber connectivity market / hardware capability
| 00's -- online enabled consoles gain market mass with Xbox 1 through to the Playstation 2
| early 10's -- market rolls with the hardware offerings from the Xbox 360 to the Playstation 3
| towards mid 10's -- next gen hardware / cloud model subscription backed consoles from the Xbox One to Playstation 4

exclusives don't sell consoles but they are a treat, at each iteration console hardware has had enough revenue to keep it viable for studio's and even independent developers to publish on

also, EBWorld has been in business since the late 90's with no signs of folding

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Posted 08:09pm 12/9/18
yer, i totally dont get why a production house would exclude a huge % of their market, but sony seems to know who to sign up (ie naughty dog, guerilla games, insomniac).

these guys are the new rare!
Posted 03:16pm 13/9/18
yeh, if I was getting a console it would have to be a PS4 because the exclusives all seem totally excellent. But I don't want a console (esp. Sony) and I have to assume some day someone will get the emulators working!@#
Posted 03:20pm 13/9/18
horizon zero dawn was one of the best games of all time.
Posted 09:06am 14/9/18
yeah, I had a PS4 overseas, then moved back and got an Xbox One cos people I know here were playing online on that, but the exclusives for the PS4 are pretty excellent. Don't think I can justify another console, but the PS4 games make it difficult.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 06:13pm 14/9/18
Not sure if any of you playing are mucking around with Photo Mode, but if you are, feel free to have a look at this and submit your pieces of art my way :)
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