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Gunfire Games Senior Designer Richard Vorodi and the entire development team have been working hard to bring Darsiders 3 to the world for a number of years now. After making its debut last generation, with a planned arc covering multiple releases, the closure of THQ put the series' future into question. Which means Darksider 3 has been a long time coming, and will be released in a climate where the original game is seen by many as a source of inspiration.

As a third-person action adventure steeped in classic game mechanics, with its own references to The Legend of Zelda and Metroid, at times there was a clear Darksiders feel in 2018's most notable release - God of War.

“It’s such a cool circle of life thing,” Richard says in regards to the obvious Darksiders nods throughout Santa Monica Studios’ latest effort. “You know, they inspired us, we inspired them and it's this, you know, this neat cyclical relationship, yeah? It is funny though, with this game I've been trying to explain to people that -- and it sounds really strange but -- we're just trying to make a videogame."

Like Darksiders, God of War is very much its own thing, and there are differences in their approach.

"We're not trying make a really cinematic thing. We have a story of course, and we have beats and things like that, that we're trying to hit but, we're just trying to return to just character action games," Richard adds. "You know, quick response on the controls and you get in there and you play it and you're playing with a toy, you know. And that's what we're trying to do. I think God of War went a slightly different route. They're very cinematic -- it’s a very beautiful game. We just felt like we had a different niche we could fill.”

For more on Darksiders 3 check out our full interview with Gunfire Games Senior Designer Richard Vorodi.

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