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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:53pm 22/08/18 | 1 Comments
Set in the modern-day or the near future, World War 3 is an ambitious new multiplayer shooter that aims to recreate the look and feel of a Battlefield-style massively multiplayer affair but with a focus on realism. In that it has been developed by shooter fans working with “military professionals” in order to “offer the most authentic modern military shooter experience” ever created. A bold direction for the team at Farm 51, but based on the new gameplay trailer it certainly looks more entertaining and over-the-top than realistic.

Which isn't a complaint, because it looks pretty impressive for a title that's still pre-alpha.

The good news is that World War 3 is close to entering an alpha stage ready for players to dig into, and Farm 51 have plans to shape the feel of the game based on community feedback and working alongside players to create as it puts it - “the game they always wanted to play”.

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Posted 06:50pm 22/8/18
If their focus is realism and the most authentic modern military shooter experience” ever created, then they missed it.
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