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All but confirming the appearance of several mythical creatures inspired by Greek legend. And they don't come anymore mythical than the snake-haired Medusa, which we assume will be featured in a battle where the whole 'looking at her to turn her into stone' deal will be used as a mechanics. Very cool stuff indeed. Oh, and the rest of trailer looks pretty impressive too.

Which was released in two, flavours covering both the male and female protagonists. Here's the Kassandra trailer.

Ancient Greece, 431BCE, a land rich with myths and legends, in the midst of the Peloponnesian War, fought between Sparta and Athens. This world is ruled by the gods, and shaped by myths and legendary creatures. The creative team behind Assassin’s Creed Odyssey recaptured this pivotal moment in history when mythology merged with religion and tradition, shaping Ancient Greek life.

As Alexios or Kassandra, players will encounter these myths firsthand, in the form of Legendary Animals and Mythical Creatures, while battling Mercenaries and defying the Cult of Kosmos. Mercenaries, skilled warriors, will hunt Alexios or Kassandra if they’re caught breaking the law. These tenacious enemies boast advanced combat techniques and abilities, wield valuable weapons and can be accompanied by predatory pets. They will relentlessly track the hero on land and sea as soon as a bounty is placed over their head.

Over the course of their Odyssey, players will encounter Legendary Animals, inspired by the Herculean myths including the Nemean Lion with impenetrable golden fur, the Lykaon Wolf, an evil beast cursed by the Gods themselves and Kallisto the bear, the angry mother of the Arcadians, to name a few. They will also have the chance to engage in battle with terrifying Mythical Creatures inspired by Greek legends, including Medusa.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey builds on the open-world RPG foundation laid out by last year's excellent Egypt-set Origins, offering a true RPG experience for the first time that includes player-driven decisions for story outcomes, deep character and combat customisation, the ability to take part in and shape nation-wide conflicts, and even a little romance.

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