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At QuakeCon this year not only did we have the pleasure of witnessing the electrifying DOOM Eternal reveal in person, but we also had the opportunity to chat with id Software's Marty Stratton about development on the highly anticipated sequel. When discussing the name itself, Marty brought up one of the team's biggest regrets with DOOM (2016) - and how Eternal would not make the same mistake twice.

“The fact that people wanted campaign content post launch that we never delivered is a regret, honestly, on our part,” Marty Stratton explains. “We've seen how much people love replaying the campaign, [so] a priority [with DOOM Eternal] is to make sure that we deliver on that."

Adding that in addition to the name DOOM Eternal being in reference to the eternal struggle between good and evil, where in this case its the Doom Slayer himself versus hordes of demons - it's also a nod to id Software's renewed focus on creating meaningful content that will keep players coming back.

"There's an aspect of that in the name Eternal, that we want, whether it's through campaign DLC content, or the Invasions, the capability to invade player's campaigns over and over and every time it's a different experience - we want to give people more," Marty adds. "We want to give players more value, more reasons to play, more fun.”

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