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Capture the Flag, the classic multiplayer mode is finally making its way to Quake Champions. As per a new developer update on the game, Bethesda and id Software confirm that the mode is currently in development with plans to bring CTF to the Public Test Server soon with plans to shape and fine tune it alongside the community.

In its current pre-release state Capture the Flag in Quake Champions will see two-teams battle it out across two 10-minute halves, swapping at half-time, with the most caps at the end winning. In addition to this Champions wont be able to use abilities while carrying the flag.

Also detailed in a new post is the work being carried out for bots with plans to expand this to include several customisable settings with groups being able to fight against a team of bots in the near future. Plus, another new mode coming called Slipgate that promises "the elimination-based gameplay of fan-favorite Clan Arena with an objective". A no respawn battle to close the opposing team's portal before it opens.

And with QuakeCon around the corner this is the time of the year for all things Quake esports with the QuakeCon Open 2v2 tournament offering up plenty of prizes in addition to the top players battling it out in a 1v1 Duel Showdown. All matches will be streamed live over at

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