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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:51pm 27/07/18 | 1 Comments
When it comes to copy-protection software the name Denuvo is loved and cherished by gamers the world over. Well, not really - copy-protection is mostly disliked for adding additional hurdles for legitimate purchases. Which brings us to the recent arrest of a Bulgarian man, aka Voksi, who successfully hacked a number of games carrying Denuvo’s Anti-Tamper software.

In an official statement, Denuvo parent company Irdeto notes,
Following an initial investigation by Irdeto into the hacking of Denuvo Anti-Tamper software, the findings were passed to the Bulgarian Cybercrime Unit and resulted in the raid on a premises in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria on Tuesday. During the raid, computers and other items suspected to have been used in the piracy of a range of titles were seized by police.

Which sounds a tad over the top in terms of response. The anti-drm movement against software like Denuvo's stems from the idea that the additional software leads to performance hits and unnecessary strains on the CPU. Claims that are game-specific, but there are also reports out there showing that Denuvo's Anti-Tamper Software has little to no impact on frame-rate.

“Piracy is a threat that is now firmly established in the gaming industry, and we are focused on securing the content of game publishers and ensuring that hackers cannot distort the gaming environment for personal gain at the expense of other players,” said Mark Mulready, Vice President, Cybersecurity Services, Irdeto. “The swift action of the Bulgarian police on this matter shows the power of collaboration between law enforcement and technology providers and that piracy is a serious offence that will be acted upon.”

In response, Voksi claims that he was not arrested and voluntarily went to the police to provide a statement. Also his attempts to contact Irdeto have been so far pushed back to prosecutors, with the details of the case in question still quite vague. An investigation is currently underway with Voksi advised that his equipment will be returned.

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Posted 02:58am 28/7/18
Personally believe the consumer has a right to purchase software that is free from intrusive drm, seeing as that is often simply not an option I believe guys like this should be seen as for the people rather than against business.
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